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BODYFIT by Chloe is designed by women for women. That means dedication & hard work in a fun and friendly environment.  BODYFIT by Chloe specifically target and cater for the needs of women looking for weight loss, support, toning, nutrition and positive liestyle changes. If you are looking for a sign than this is it. Remember you don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great. Our classes are designed for all fitness levels. It’s time to make a change into a fit, fun, healthily & active lifestyle now. With our boot camp & personal training program now you can.  Join our community & start your journey with us today!

Our Success Stories



Before I found Chloe Maxwell I was plateauing In my weight, but with the support and motivation through Chloe I finally reached my goal!! Since joining Chloe’s bootcamp I have lost 9kgs and overall in just over a year have lost 16kgs!

I would recommend Chloe to anyone who Is looking to make a positive and healthy change to their lifestyle and to reach their goals.

Chloe’s note: Jordan does my boot camp program.



2 dress sizes and 8.2kg down in 6 weeks….Chloe Maxwell is amazing – the progress has hurt but I’m so glad I’ve stuck with it!!! The results that I have achieved are far beyond what I thought and I am super proud of myself. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and just over 8kg. I can’t even wear the same clothes anymore for the photos as they don’t fit. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you and your programs. My body shape has changed entirely and I know that I will NEVER put that weight on again.

Chloe’s note: Anita did the 6 week meal plan and my outdoor group fitness program



Lost a total of 10.2kg in 6 weeks & a total of 14.2kg since starting the program. I have enjoyed this program soo much!! I didn’t think I was capable of losing this much weight. Started at a size 12 now a size 8.
I wouldn’t have been able to do anything like this without your program and I am grateful for all of your help and support along the way. I am feeling fantastic and seeing these massive results has given me the motivation and confidence to continue onto a better/happier me. Thank you soo much!!!

Chloe’s note: Tenille did the 6 week meal plan and my outdoor group fitness program



Thanks to Chloe Maxwell I’m officially down 9kg in just over 6 week. So proud and had so much fun at the same time. Can’t wait for the next 12 week program.

Chloe’s note: Eleanore does my boot camp program.

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