My name is Chloe Maxwell

and I am an Australian Fitness Model and fitness advocate. I am passionate about fitness and love helping people get in to shape.



Growing up, I was a very active kid, playing netball, dancing and participating in little athletics. You name it, I probably did it at some stage. Growing up with two older brothers it was never unusual to see me playing cricket or running around with the boys, always winning of course! I danced for over 12 years and absolutely loved it, but got to that stage where I just needed a change and that’s when I discovered my love for the gym.


My transformation

chloe-maxwell-3mThe picture of me on the left I weighed only 48kg. I was so skinny, had zero muscle tone. I was a typical young girl who was misinformed on diet and training. No carbs, no weights, but you guessed it – cardio, cardio, cardio!

The picture of me on the right is what I look like today. A comfortable 61kg. Yes you heard right 61kg, that’s a 13kg difference. I swear all I eat is carbs (addicted) & I very rarely do cardio. Today I can honestly say I AM HAPPY, I am confident & I am really growing into the person I want to be. Life is ONE BIG FAT JOURNEY and looking at how far I have come, not only in my body but my mind set, and the obstacles I have overcome (still smiling and still sane) puts a smile on my face. I was actually really unhappy 4 years ago in my body, my life, my job, I let stupid things get on top of me & put up with people treating me poorly because I wasn’t confident enough to speak up for myself.

Now I look at myself today. A complete 180. I love my life and when things don’t go as planned, I pick myself up and keep moving forward. Just because life seems hard at times and everything happens at once, doesn’t mean the world is going to stop for you. So you have to keep pushing.

Today I am confident, I take risks, I laugh at the haters, I don’t hold back, I know what I deserve, I know what I want, I’m independent, I’m not a push-over, I support myself & most importantly I am freaking HAPPY!

Never in my life would I have thought I could weigh over 60kg and be happy. I know it sounds stupid but when I was younger I said if I was to weigh over 55kg I would die. I know how stupid that sounds but it’s how I honestly felt.

It’s a number, that’s all it is. I look back and laugh at things like that today and It makes me happy to see how far I’ve come and what I’ve overcome to be the person I am today.

I love my job, my business, I am doing what I love and helping other ladies make the change into a fit, fun, healthy and active lifestyle. Let the struggles make you, not break you!

BODYFIT by Chloe

I launched BodyFit Health & Fitness in January 2012. It started with just training friends in the beginning on the Central Coast where I was located. Today, 3 years later I have rebranded to BODYFIT by Chloe and I have my women’s group fitness program operating:

  • 3 Central Coast locations
  • 2 Newcastle locations
  • 5 staff members
  • 80+ clients
  • Offering personalised meal plans
  • Helped ladies lose hundreds of kilos
  • We have even realised our dream of expanding into a BODYFIT by Chloe facility in 2016!

My business BODYFIT by Chloe is not just a job for me. I absolutely love what I do – day in day out. Not many people can say this is the case. Having my clients achieve life changing results is amazing and helping them make the change into a fit, fun, healthy and active lifestyle!


Competitive history

  • IFBB 2nd place bikini open tall Australiasians 2015
  • IFBB 2nd place Bikini Open Tall QLD Female classic 2014
  • IFBB 1st place Bikini Novice Tall NSW Australiasians 2014
  • WNBF 1st place Best Body Swimsuit NSW Championships 2011


Recent work and publications

  • Oxygen magazine feature September issue 2014. I talk about my diet, training motivations, rewarding aspects & what I would like to see changed in the health and fitness industry
  • Featured on Commando Steve’s equipment and packaging located in Rebel Sport & Amart stores.
  • Featured in Body & Soul issues:
    • December 8th, 2013 “The Final Stretch”
    • November 17th 2013
    • November 10th 2013 “Jump to it”
    • November 3rd 2013 “Shred Fat Fast”